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The veterinarians at Huronia Veterinary Emergency Clinic are experienced in the field of emergency care and have a special interest in this aspect of veterinary medicine. Our veterinarians actively pursue opportunities to further their education in order to upgrade their skills and to expand their knowledge.

Veterinary Technicians 

Our veterinary technicians have successfully completed a two or three year college diploma program in Veterinary Technology. This course fully prepares the graduates for work in a veterinary facility, and includes the study of: 

  • anaesthesiology
  • surgical assistance
  • pharmacology
  • animal husbandry
  • nursing
  • radiology
  • laboratory analysis of:
  • blood
  • urine
  • feces

All Registered Veterinary Technicians MUST maintain continuing education credits annually and, like our veterinarians, pride themselves on staying current with the constantly changing environment of veterinary medicine. 

Staffing Levels 

During our hours of operation, a minimum of one veterinarian and one registered veterinary technician are always on duty.

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